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Real Estate

Real Estate Legal Services in Fergus Falls, MN

Protect your rights as they relate to estate planning and all types of real estate transactions with guidance from the Nathan Seeger Law Office. Through our real estate legal services in Fergus Falls, MN, we make sure that the deal you make, to buy or sell, is beneficial to you. Additionally, we provide real estate litigation when there are disputes about properties and transactions. Contact us today for trusted legal counsel.  

Planning and Development

Buying and selling can be lucrative if it is handled within established real estate law. Depend on us to be your knowledgeable counselor for planning, development, and use of real estate. We require that you provide us with the documents of title, last date of record, appreciation schedules, purchase agreements, and listing agreements.

Real Estate Legal Services in Fergus Falls, MN

Take It to Court

Sometimes legal disagreements over real estate transactions have to end up in court. Many litigation issues involve purchase agreements, disputes of purchase agreements, options to purchase, contracts, dividing or petitioning real estate, boundary line disputes, adverse possession, inheritances, and local regulation whether county or township. To understand the parties involved and the situation, we require clients to provide us with all documentation related to the case. We review any related documents, examine the facts objectively, and discuss the documentation with the client. Sometimes we can reform mistakes in documents to match the original intention of the parties that filed them. 

Open Lines of Communication

You never have to worry about the status of your case because we keep you informed at every phase. Service includes providing you with copies of all communications by email or regular mail if necessary.